Living rooms

We do all set of works in the living spaces. Flooring, carpeting, painting and drywall works, plaster works and furniture remodeling. We project and realise lighting setups, storage and invisible and ergonomic electrics.



Ergonomics and function are the most important for us in the kitchen, however we work hard on its aesthetic side. We do complete remodeling of kitchen including electicity, lighting, water supplies and furniture.  



We recreate and renew furniture or project and construct the type of furniture that fits exactly in your space.


From  faucet fixtures to sauna facilities, from basin mirors to stone wall decorations. We can do everything you can think about whether it is hi-tech futuristic bathroom design or rustic coutry style.



Storage, air conditioning, flooring etc. tiling and windows works. One contrator for all tasks. We do unique design for bedrooms no matter how many of them are in your appartment of  house.


Commercial Spaces

We renovate spaces for showrooms, stores, little shops, cafes and restaurants. If you are an owner of one and seek remodeling, then get a quote and we will create a stunning project for you and your business.